Turnkey Exhibitons curated by Bank by 강수미

And Now, an Exhibition From Our Sponsor


But a few corporations, including JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and UBS, have occasionally gone a step further, lending out complete shows. And Bank of America has lately gone further still, creating a roster of ready-made shows that it provides to museums at a nominal cost to them— essentially turnkey exhibitions.
The curators at corporations and museums may be equally qualified in terms of expertise, art experts say, but their responsibilities differ. “The point of a corporate collection is to burnish the reputation of a corporation,” Mr. Ravenal said, and corporate curators are therefore “involved in that agenda.”
“Art has a very emotional pull,” she added. “If you are an art lover who supports your local museum, you are going to become positively inclined to the company that helps your museum thrive.”

Other banks too have recognized the potential for such intangible dividends. “It’s not about collecting as an investment strategy,” said Gary Hattem, president of the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation in New York, which administers the bank’s philanthropic activities in the United States, Latin America and Canada. “It’s really about being fully engaged in the communities in which we do business.”


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